forblogSimon Hooper is an award-winning journalist, writer and editor formerly with Al Jazeera and CNN and currently employed as a senior editor at Middle East Eye.

His recent work has focused on issues concerning multiculturalism and immigration in the UK and discrimination and civil liberties infringements faced by British Muslims. He was named Freelance Writer of the Year at the 2014 Online Media Awards for his work reporting on this topic for Al Jazeera and was praised for his “outstanding journalism”.

In 2008, he covered the US presidential election from the state of Virginia for CNN.com. He did such a good job that CNN sent him to report on the Monster Raving Looney Party during the 2010 UK election. He departed for Al Jazeera soon afterwards, working as a senior editor on the network’s website.

An enthusiastic observer of democracy in action, Simon has also reported on elections in Bolivia, Venezuela, Turkey, Serbia, Iraq and Yorkshire and has travelled extensively in Europe, South America and the Middle East.

His work has also been published in the Independent, the New Statesman, the Blizzard, FourFourTwo, the Big Issue and The First Post (now The Week).

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