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Danish Muslims fear ‘road into darkness’ after Copenhagen attacks

Muslim communities in Denmark are bracing themselves for a backlash of discrimination and hate crime in the aftermath of last weekend’s deadly attacks on a free speech debate and a synagogue in Copenhagen.

[Photo: Simon Hooper]

Denmark has been criticised for continuing to tolerate anti-Muslim hate speech in the media and public debateĀ [Photo: Simon Hooper]

Community leaders also warned the country faced a “road into darkness” if politicians allowed anti-Muslim rhetoric stoked by a resurgent far right to undermine fundamental values of tolerance and openness amid a scramble for votes ahead of national elections in September.

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Sand dune eats lighthouse: Exploring Denmark’s ‘Sahara’

Northern Jutland, Denmark – On the whole, Denmark is pretty deserving of its reputation as a neat, orderly place.

So it’s a surprise to discover a sand dune the size of a small desert roaming around the countryside unchecked, destroying farmhouses, churches, roads and anything else that gets in its way.

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