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Discussing Denmark’s rehab programme for Syrian fighters

I was invited to appear on HuffPost Live’s World Briefing programme on Tuesday to discuss my latest story for Al Jazeera about a scheme in Aarhus, Denmark, that aims to rehabilitate Danish Muslims returning from Syria. Here’s the video:–denmark-tries-to-reform-extremist-fighters-518407887

Al Jazeera

Danish city offers route home and rehab for Syrian volunteers

Aarhus, Denmark – An innovative rehabilitation programme is offering Danish Muslims in Syria an escape route from the conflict zone and help getting their lives back on track without the threat of prosecution.


Danish fighters in Syria appeared in a YouTube video last year.

A YouTube video made by fighters from Denmark last year showed them firing their weapons at images of prominent Danish figures.

The programme, a collaboration between welfare services and police in Aarhus, Denmark’s second largest city, offers treatment for shrapnel and gunshot wounds and psychological trauma to returning fighters and humanitarian volunteers as well as assisting them with finding work or resuming their education.

The programme also provides support to the families of those already in Syria, ranging from helping them stay in touch via Skype to liaising with government officials, consulates and intelligence agencies to help get their relatives home when they decide they want to leave.

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